Arizona Department of Insurance Database Search

The Department of Insurance provides the ability to search some of the most commonly requested information in our databases. Click the link below for information about insurance professionals or insurance companies. For instance, you can access the fol…

Australian Motor Vehicle Database

MVDB provides detailed information about cars that have been vandalised, involved in or damaged in accidents, or unroadworthy. By checking our Automotive Database (approx. 750,000 cars and growing daily) you can download information that could save you…

Auto Parts Finder –

You can locate new, used and remanufactured automotive parts and accessories using Amazon’s “Parts Finder”. – URG

Auto Part Search is brought to you by United Recyclers Group, LLC, a Partnership of 250+ independent Auto, Truck, Van, and SUV recyclers across North America. United Recyclers Group is dedicated to offering you MORE than just a recycled automotive part.

Aviation Safety Database

Aviation Safety Network: Databases containing descriptions of over 12000 airliner write-offs, hijackings and military aircraft accidents.

Birth Database –

With a database of 120 million names and birthdates, this website provides information from official government records.

Black Book Online – State Records

Black Book Online provides links to online information that is available from every US State. Features corporate name searches, marriage/divorce information, real estate searches…

Boating Accident Database

The 1995-2004 U.S. Recreational Boat Accident Database consists of four relational tables — PRIME, DEAD, INJURY and VESSEL — containing data on recreational boating accidents that resulted in death or injury requiring more than first aid. Accidents i…

California Injury Database

California data about fatal and hospitalized nonfatal injuries in California. Includes leading
causes of injury, details about traffic, violent, and other injury types and a detailed help area.

CAPA Certified Parts Searchable Database

Search the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) database for available CAPA parts.